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Under § 2644 Turkish Land Registry Law, a foreigner may acquire land in turkey. This is based on the principle of mutuality. This means that members of nations, where Turks are allowed to aquire land have the possibility to purchase land in turkey under the same conditions.

Other than for instance in Germany, here in turkey for example, the property transfer takes place only in the official Government TAPU office (Land Registry). A notary in Turkey is not entitled to make such legal purchase actions.

A sale to a foreigner takes for the title deed transaction about 3 months time. The local Land Registry Office will obtain from the regional military administration the written confirmation that the property is not located in the military or historical areas. This is a pure formality. Once the answer is present, the transfer takes place within a day. A certified interpreter must be present here.

Purchase contract

Have you decided to purchase a property, the buyer goes with the seller to the Land Registry office (title deed office). A certified interpreter must be present by law when selling real estate to foreigners. It is neccessary to understand all the questions you should have when you purchase properties abroad.

If you are registered as the new owner of the property, immediately, the Land and real estate taxes are due and payable by you immediately.Then you get your name on the official land nomination Journal (Tapu), which identifies the property as your property. The Tapu is a legal document and has, in Turkey the same effect as a notary, real estate sales contract elsewhere.

Registration in Land Registry (Tapu)

Power of attorney:
The prospective buyer gives the real estate agent who sold the property, a notarized power of attorney to complete the transaction on the buyers behalf . With this power of attorney the buyer gives the broker also the right to aply in his name for electricity, water or telephone.

Application in the register office:

The application has to be sent to Izmir to the military administration for approval.

This is required:

For the buyer:

  • 2 new passport photos of the buyer
  • 2 Passport copies
  • Their current address in the home country and their father's name
  • The turkish tax number (we'll do that here for you)

For the seller:

  • 1 new passport picture of the seller
  • 2 turkish ID copies
  • full address of the owner
  • Tax number

Sworn Interpreter
The interpreter tells you the condition and position of the property you like to purchase. Then you get the original Tapu as your proof of ownership.
Upon request, the interpreter translates all the details of the Tapu.

Only the official registration to the title deed book will ensure that you are the new owner, the tapu is just a piece of paper which shows your ownership.

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